News and Events

  • 9th Project Coordination Meeting

    Granada, November 3rd 2017 - More..

  • CSM 2017 - Fifth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering

    Zurich, September 2-3rd 2017 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS celebrates 25th Anniversary of LIFE Programme

    Boecillo, June 15th 2017 - More..

  • Event for LIFE projects dissemination

    Boecillo, March 28th 2017 - More..

  • 3rd Project Monitoring Meeting

    Boecillo, February 20th 2017 - More..

  • 8th Project Coordination Meeting

    Audioconference, February 15th 2017 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS Project presentation in IETcc Advanced Courses, 2016 edition

    Madrid, 23/11/2016 - More..

  • 2nd Edition of DataBeers Castilla y León: Data and Transport Infrastructures

    Valladolid, 10/11/2016 - More..

  • 7th Project Coordination Meeting

    Madrid, October 14th 2016 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS and CEDEX networking meeting

    Madrid, september 30th 2016 - More..

  • LIFE Newsletter Nº 7/2016 echoes LIFE HUELLAS project findings

    September 21st 2016 - More..

  • EnviroInfo 2016: Great interest in LIFE HUELLAS findings

    Berlin, September 14-16th 2016 - More..

  • Multiple references to LIFE HUELLAS project in the media

    August 18th 2016 - More..

  • 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC 2016) Blog

    July 21st, 2016 - More..

  • 6th Coordination Meeting

    Barakaldo, May 30th 2016 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS paper published in Transportation Research Procedia

    June 27th 2016 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS full research paper accepted for publication in EnviroInfo 2016

    May 26th 2016 - More..

  • JIFFI - Best Contribution Award to LIFE HUELLAS

    May 18-20th 2016 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS at Transport Research Arena (TRA2016): 6th European Transport Reserch Conference

    Warsaw, April 18-21st 2016 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS attends the 11th PTEC Forum

    Acceso Documento PDF Document -- Barcelona, April 6th 2016 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS supports OpenDAP

    February 26th, 2016 - More..

  • 2nd Project Monitoring Meeting

    Boecillo, February 2nd 2016 - More..

  • Transport Research Arena (TRA2016): 6th European Transport Reserch Conference

    Boecillo, December 2nd 2015. - More..

  • CARTIF, invited by EASME to share its experience in LIFE projects management

    Brussels, October 29th 2015 - More..

  • 5th LIFE HUELLAS project Coordination Meeting at VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES offices

    Madrid, October 28th 2015 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS at the X PTFE Assembly

    Madrid, October 8th 2015 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS at the OPTIRAIL Workshop

    Madrid, September 25th 2015 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS at the LCM 2015 Congress

    Bordeaux, September 2nd 2015 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS Press release, Number 2

    Acceso Documento PDF Document -- July 1st 2015

  • Life +. The future of the Sustainability Strategies in Europe

    Madrid, June 18th 2015 - More..


    Málaga, April 15th 2015 - More..


    Madrid, December 11st 2014 - More..

  • 7th PTEC R&D and Innovation Discussion Forum about Transport Infrastructure, Málaga (Spain)

    Málaga, November 25th 2014 - More..

  • Congress of Innovation on Sustainable Construction - CINCOS'14

    Porto, November 13rd-14th 2014 - More..

  • II Symposium of the Spanish Network of Life Cycle Assessment

    Zamudio, November 6th 2014 - More..

  • 3rd Coordination Meeting held on November 3rd, 2104

    Granada, November 3rd 2014 - More..

  • World Sustainable Building 2014 Conference (WSB14)

    PDF Document Access Document -- Barcelona, October 28th-30th 2014 - More..

  • First Latin American Ecodesign Conference (ECODAL)

    Santiago de Chile, October 21st-24th 2014 - More..

  • I Water Footprint International Conference

    Madrid, September 18th 2014 - More..

  • CO2 Databases Working Group meeting at Eduardo Torroja Institute facilities

    Madrid, July 18th 2014 - More..

  • Monitoring meeting at IK Ingenieria offices

    Barakaldo, July 3rd 2014 - More..

  • LIFE EcoRAEE Networking

    June 19th 2014 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS at the Green Week

    Brussels, 3-5 June 2014 - More..

  • 2nd Coordination Meeting held on May 9th, 2014

    Madrid, May 9th 2014 - More..

  • First meeting of the BBDD-de-CO2 (Carbon Footprint Databases) Working Group

    Madrid, March 24th 2014 - More..

  • Creation of the Carbon Footprint Databases Technical Working Group

    Madrid, March 7th 2014 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS project on the media

    February 1st 2014 - More..

  • AENOR: Standardising on Horizon 2020 projects

    PDF Document Access Document -- Madrid, January 30th 2014 - More..

  • OECC (The Spanish Office for Climate Change) organises a workshop on projects related to Carbon Footprint calculation

    Madrid, January 17th 2014 - More..

  • VIA LIBRE include the LIFE HUELLAS project in its 578 issue

    PDF Document Access Document -- October 2013 - More..

  • Special issue on eco-innovation and LIFE projects

    PDF Document Access Document -- October 2013 - More..

  • Work starts in LIFE HUELLAS project

    Boecillo, October 21st 2013 - More..

  • LIFE HUELLAS Press release, Number 1

    Acceso Documento PDF Document -- October 21st 2013

  • I Symposium of Spanish Network of Life Cycle Analysis

    October 15th 2013 - More..

  • Regional Kick-off Meeting of spanish LIFE+ projects

    DOC Document Access Document -- October 8th 2013 - More..

Last coordination meeting before project ends. Partners have met at University of Granada facilities, CITIC (ICT Research Center). This coordination meeting has been useful for LIFE HUELLAS tool validation, and for monitoring of pilot test at high speed line sector located at Galicia region, in Spain.

The International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering (CSM), organized by the Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED) took place last 2nd to 3rd September 2017 at the Hotel Novotel Zurich City West in Zurich, Switzerland. The aim of the conference is to provide the platform for Students, Engineers, Researchers and Scientists to share the knowledge and ideas in the recent trends in the field of Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering. CSM covers areas like Dynamical Systems, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Machinery and Machine Design, Pollution and Environmental Engineering, providing a platform to the researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet the share cutting-edge development in the field.

Members of LIFE HUELLAS project consortium attended the conference, disseminating project results and contacting stakeholders.

CARTIF and LIFE HUELLAS joins the European celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the LIFE Program with the realization of a workshop. CARTIF research team, that is currently working on 20 ongoing projects, provided the keys to a winning proposal and explained some of its projects with more impact.

One of such high impact projects is LIFE HUELLAS, that was presented during the event showing the results obtained to date

With about 40 participants, including representatives from more than 30 LIFE projects, the workshop also was used to present the keys for success in a LIFE project during the application, implementation and post-LIFE phases.

More pictures about the event in the Photo Gallery section.

On the 28/03/2017, Fundación CARTIF (Valladolid) carried out an event for LIFE projects dissemination. The invited participants were the NCPs of three different countries Spain, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as several representatives from the Environment Ministries of the mentioned countries (24 attendants), besides some of the CARTIF personnel involved in this kind of projects (6-8 people), 32 attendants in total.

The infoday consists of several presentations and a visit to the centre. Photographs of the event, dissemination for the infoday and retweeting of the different interventions made.

The aim of the event was the showing and explaining the different projects in which CARTIF currently takes part (topics, objectives, development and current state of the project) as well as transfer the acquired knowledge through our experience in in this kind of projects.

The subjects we dealt with during the meeting were: preparation of successful proposals, project management (technical and administrative issues and tips), emerging trends in LIFE Programme, examples of CARTIF coordinated projects and role and function of NCPs.

Finally, a visit to the labs, pilot plants under development and centre facilities was made.

The results of the debate and dissemination session were very satisfying, since new networking relationships were established, so new partners incorporation from these countries to the LIFE programme will be possible in a near future, as well as the elaboration of new LIFE projects together, in which CARTIF may have a propelling role. In addition, CARTIF was disseminating the thematic topics we work in and the partners usually sought.

This is second visit that we receive from NCPs from different EU countries; the first was NCP from Bulgaria on the 14/12/2016.

Another monitoring meeting of LIFE HUELLAS project was held today, with the presence of all project partners. The monitoring team has reviewed project progress, both technically and financially.

The aim of the project is that railway infrastructure construction companies become more sustainable. Therefor, an application based on life-cycle assessment and Intelligent Systems is being developed. This tool provides the carbon footprint, water footprint and other environmental and social indicators of the main railway infrastructure construction project units. A good practices manual will summarise project outcomes.

In this coordination meeting, held by audio conference, LIFE HUELLAS tool functioning was reviewed with the different pilot projects introduced, both infrastructure and superstructure.

At this coordination meeting, held at VIAS offices in Madrid, possible modifications and improvements to the LIFE HUELLAS tool were discussed.

At this coordination meeting, held at the offices of IK Ingeniería in Barakaldo, the current situation of the project was reviewed and discussion focused on the problems that will arise for the pilot phase due to the current stop in public civil works.

The Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science (IETcc) fundamental function is to carry out scientific research and technological developments in the field of construction and its materials. The objective of the Eduardo Torroja Advanced Courses is to analyze the new opportunities and developments that are taking place in the construction field from the point of view of Durability, Rehabilitation and Sustainability.

Seminar 12 - SUSTAINABILITY: PRODUCTS, EPDs, TOOLS, DATABASES AND EXAMPLES, of the 2016 Advanced Courses Eduardo Torroja was held on November 22 and 23, 2016, at the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science facilities.

On the second day of the seminar, on the 23rd, Jorge Rodríguez as Head of ICT and Environmental R&D projects at VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES presented the LIFE HUELLAS project for the reduction of the carbon footprint in railway infrastructure. Many thanks to the IETCC for inviting us to share the results of the project.

Link to session video

During the second edition of the DataBeers CyL, held in Valladolid on November 10, 2016, one of the presentations was done by Francisco Barrientos, on behalf of CARTIF, speaking about "Data and Transport: The Impact of Transport Infrastructures". The fundamentals and the main results obtained during the development of LIFE HUELLAS project were explained.

Watch the full session on YouTube (only in Spanish).

On September 2016 the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX), contacted the LIFE HUELLAS technical team in VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES company to show their interest in project outcomes. Its goal was to learn more about the methodology used to develop the LIFE HUELLAS calculator] concerning carbon footprint calculation, and also know what expectations exist for tool valorization. On 09.30.2016, a working session was organized in VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES facilities in Madrid and, after knowing their interest in the knowledge base developed along Action B1, project consortium is studying what options exist for tool replicability.

CEDEX is a vanguard public body applied to civil engineering, building and environment, organically attached to the Ministry of Public Works and functionally to the Ministries of Public Works and Agriculture, Food and Environment. The Agency provides multidisciplinary support in civil engineering technologies, construction and environment, assisting both administrations & public institutions and private companies.

Volume 7 of LIFE Newsletter, published by LIFE Programme, references LIFE HUELLAS project findings.

The EnviroInfo 2016 International Conference was held at Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) from September 14th to 16th 2016. The LIFE HUELLAS project was presented, showing the outcomes of the work done over the last three years.

During and after the presentation of the research paper, which was held at the Special Session on Life Cycle Assessment and ICT, there were several expressions of interest on LIFE HUELLAS project findings, such as Argonne National Laboratory, (USA), the National University of Colombia, or EATERNITY company (Switzerland), among others. Especial mention should be done to the ISEP, International Society for Environmental Protection (Austria), who congratulated the LIFE HUELLAS project team for the quality of the contribution sent to the Confererence.

After the publication of an entry about LIFE HUELLAS in the News section of the LIFE Programme web page, various media have published information about the project, including the Urban Mobility Observatory (ELTIS)), the Intelligent Transport Systems Portal (ERTICO Network) and the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC), among others.

The final version of LIFE HUELLAS article, with full bibliographic details, is now available online here, free to everyone to access.

The article "Sustainable Public Procurement and Open Data", published at IODC blog, shows the LIFE HUELLAS project foundations.

The LIFE HUELLAS project consortium has contributed to OpenDAP with part of its database. Specifically, carbon footprint data of materials and machinery used for construction of railway infrastructure have been provided, those developed in the frame of the LIFE HUELLAS project.

It should be noted that many of these materials and machinery are also used in other types of construction projects.OpenDAP is a database to consult and/or introduce EPD or environmental product declaration for construction products. It is open to any EPDs Program Manager and for any tool for life-cycle assessment calculation.OpenDAP is part of inData pilot project. This is a European project to create a network that harmonizes environmental data. This includes common regulations for data formatting and high data compatibility.

LIFE HUELLAS will attend the EnviroInfo 2016 conference. It is the 30th edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies.

The EnviroInfo conference series looks back on a history of 30 conferences and thus one important thread in Berlin will be a retrospective on the experiences made and the lessons learned for a better valuation of current trends and future perspectives on its basic cross-cutting concerns like applications of geographical information systems, environmental modelling and simulation, risk management, material and energy flow management, climate change, tools and database applications and other aspects with regard to the main topic ICT and the environment.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of environmental informatics, one important goal of this conference is to bring experts from industry, research and education together to exchange ideas and proposals for solution of urgent problems and needs in the field on environmental protection and its IT-support.

The Organizing Committee of the I Conference of Researchers in Training: fostering interdisciplinarity (JIFFI) and the International Graduate School of the University of Granada have awarded the prize for the best contribution of the Doctorate School of Sciences, Technologies and Engineering to Manuel Parra Royón and the rest of the LIFE HUELLAS team, for their paper "Evolutionary multi-objective algorithms applied to the intelligent decision making in the construction of high speed railways infrastructures", based on the work carried out within the framework of the project.

JIFFI arises with the purpose of promoting interdisciplinarity among the students of the three doctoral schools of the University of Granada (Health Sciences; Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences; Sciences, Technologies and Engineering), as well as the programs that these include and of the existing research lines in each of them.

Members of the LIFE HUELLAS Project consortium attended the Transport Research Arena 2016 (TRA2016) Conference. It is the most relevant research event in the transport sector at European level. Held every two years, it brings together the major players in the transport field: researchers, experts, operators, industry and public authorities.

The work being done in the frame of LIFE HUELLAS project was presented at the session "Reducing the Transport Carbon Footprint". The congress also had plenary sessions, strategic sessions, technical sessions, workshops and other associated and side events, such as exhibition area and TRA Marketplace.

With more than 2000 registered attendees, TRA 2016 is a unique event for the dissemination of project results and contacting with stakeholders.

Members of the LIFE HUELLAS project consortium attended the 11th PTEC Forum: Innovation in Maintenance and Adaptation of Existing Transport Infrastructure to new demands. At the event, a total of 22 R&D and innovation projects related to transport infrastructure were presented, LIFE HUELLAS among them.


IK Ingeniería company, as a member of the LIFE HUELLAS project consortium, attended the [LCM 2015 -> link:], one of the most important congress on Life Cycle Assessment held internationally, and that took place last September 2015 in the French city of Bordeaux. At this congress, the latest developments on Life Cycle Thinking were presented, both at methodological level and at strategies, projects and industries implementation level.

Along congress development, other types of initiatives related to LIFE HUELLAS project were analyzed. In this regard, great diversity of applications of the Life Cycle concep were presented. Some examples include: the analysis of different existing tools for environmental assessment of regional development and their interactions with the environment; the implementation of eco-design methodology based on international standards ISO 14006 in ALSTOM company; identifying development needs of Life Cycle Thinking tools; the development of methodologies implemented in software for the infrastructure construction industry in Norway, with the goal of obtaining EPDs and demonstrate their environmental nature.

Thus, it was possible to compare the developments made throughout the LIFE HUELLAS project with the main trends internationally.

More information about the LCM2015 Congress

Another monitoring meeting of LIFE HUELLAS project was held today, with the presence of all project members. The monitoring team has reviewed project progress, both technically and financially.

The aim of the project is that railway infrastructure construction companies become more sustainable. Therefor, an application based on life-cycle assessment and Intelligent Systems is being developed. This tool provides the carbon footprint, water footprint and other environmental and social indicators of the main railway infrastructure construction project units. A good practices manual will summarise project outcomes.

The paper that LIFE HUELLAS Project consortium sent to TRA-16 (Transport Research Arena) has been accepted for presentation. Members of the consortium will attend the conference next April 18th-21st at Warsaw (Poland) to show LIFE HUELLAS project outcomes.

Transport Research Arena 2016 is the most important transport research event in Europe, gathering every 2 years the key stakeholders: researchers, experts, operators, industry and policy-makers.

The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission celebrated yesterday, in Brussels, the official launch for all the LIFE projects approved in the call 2014, within the subprogram Climate Change Mitigation (CCM) in the sectors of Energy, Transport and Industry.

CARTIF, who attended the event as project coordinator of the new project LIFE BATTLE CO2, was invited to give a talk about the main challenges during the implementaion of a LIFE project, thanks to the experience we have in this program, with 12 projects ongoing nowadays. LIFE HUELLAS was presented during this talk , exposing the main challenges that project is facing during the project implementation.

This Coordination Meeting, held at VIAS facilities, was focused on reviewing tool development. Railway projects planning, selected optimization algorithms and the structure defined for project units were among the issues dealt with.

Members of the LIFE HUELLAS project consortium attended the X Meeting of the Spanish Railway Technology Platform (PTFE). The Platform celebrates the 10th anniversary from its foundation and key stakeholders at Spanish level were present at the event.

More info (in Spanish)

LIFE HUELLAS project was presented at OPTIRAIL Final Workshop. OPTIRAIL project has developed a smart framework for railway maintenance management, to support making effective and efficient decisions in maintenance of railway networks within corridors across Europe. There were LIFE HUELLAS leaflets available to attendees, and our colleagues from CARTIF & VIAS were explaining main project goals and outcomes.

June 18, 2015. CARTIF and EFE VERDE jointly organized in Madrid the conference "Life +. The future of the Sustainability Strategies in Europe" where CARTIF shared its experience in the LIFE projects in which they are working, along three axes: energy, water and waste. The conference was inaugurated by the director of the Spanish Climate Change Office, Susana Magro, and it included two round tables. In the first one, more technical, CARTIF spoke about the role of the technology centers in the Life Programme and the project LIFE HUELLAS was presented, explaining its progress in the first half of the project.


Coinciding with the halfway point of LIFE HUELLAS project (Ref. LIFE12 ENV/ES/000686) and Coordination Meeting No.4, members of the Advisory Board will meet with consortium members to review project progress up to date. The Advisory Board, which consists of companies and organizations that do not belong to the LIFE HUELLAS consortium but have shown interest in the project, will help evaluating task development and, based on their own experience, propose actions and measures to improve project outcomes and its final impact.

The Advisory Board is made up by the following entities:

  • ADIF: as Spanish rail infrastructure manager.
  • AENOR: as standardization and normalization experts.
  • IHOBE: ​​as Basque Government public administration, with competencies in environmental policy.
  • OECC: Spanish Office for Climate Change (MAGRAMA), as environmental footprint and climate change experts.
  • SEOPAN: representing the Spanish Association of Infrastructure Management Companies.
  • SNCF: as French rail infrastructure manager.
  • UNIFE: representing the European Rail Industry Association.

The meeting will be hold at ADIF's Railway Technology Center (CTF), located at Andalusia Technology Park, in Malaga. CTF was launched on November 2010 and is an stable and open space for innovation, counting with several multidisciplinary research groups.

- Conference V: Challenges in implementing the Carbon Footprint in the Construction Sector: December 11th, 2014.

VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES, as a member of the LIFE HUELLAS consortium presented the project at the ETSI Montes (University Center), within the I Carbon Footprint Sector Conferences Series: "Challenges in implementing the Carbon Footprint in the Construction Sector", organized by ZAMABI.

Leaflet of the conference

Exhibition of the roll-up of LIFE HUELLAS project at the 7th PTEC R&D and Innovation Discussion Forum about Transport Infrastructure hold in Malaga, Spain. The full forum report includes a section about exposed roll-ups. The following links contain general information about the forum:

IK INGENIERÍA, as a member of the LIFE HUELLAS project consortium, attended the 4th Congress of Innovation in Sustainable Construction held at Oporto on November 13 and 14, 2014. The conference was organized by Centro Habitat and was addressed to Habitat Sostenible Cluster. More information can be found in the following link.

LIFE HUELLAS project partners attended last November 6th, 2014 the II Symposium of the Spanish Network of Life Cycle Assessment held in Vizcaya Technology Park, in AZTI-Tecnalia facilities.

LIFE HUELLAS project partners met on November 3rd, 2014, at the University of Granada facilities, in Granada, where it took place the 3rd Coordination Meeting.

LIFE HUELLAS project partners were present at the World Sustainable Building 2014 Conference, held in Barcelona on October.

LIFE HUELLAS project partners attended the 1st Latin American Ecodesign Conference held in Santiago de Chile.

Top-level researchers attended the congress like José María Fernández, IHOBE; Nydia Syppen, CADIS Center Mexico; Claudia Peña, Chile LCA Center or Raquel Ariza, the Argentine INTI, among others. The exhibition of eco-innovation projects was complemented with an Ecodesign workshop for students.

SUST4IN company has held the First International Conference on Water Footprint, where the latest developments in the new standard on Water Footprint Assessment was presented and discussed interactively among attendees. Also, the launch of the new international standard ISO 14046:2014 - Management of Water Footprint, was carried out.

The Conference was a project networking opportunity, along and after the event, and facilitated interaction with experts. All attendees were informed about the LIFE HUELLAS project, providing contact details to request more information.

The work of the Carbon Footprint Databases Working Group is still in progress. At this meeting, participating projects were introduced:

  • HueCO: Carbon Footprint Calculation in Road Construction Phase.
  • HCe: Methodology and Calculation of Carbon Footprint in Building Construction.
  • LIFE HUELLAS: LCA, Environmental Footprints and Intelligent Analysis for the Rail Infrastructure Construction Sector.

Each project summarised the data types they are working on, and agreed to share those data that can be of interest for other projects, with the aim of reaching a consensus value.

In this follow-up meeting, all the information gathered to date was reviewed. Our colleagues from VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES were solving doubts and providing new information to complete the database.

LIFE EcoRAEE Project consortium has contacted with LIFE HUELLAS, in order to analyse possible synergies between the two projects. After an initial study of both projects objectives, direct collaboration is not clear, but EcoRAEE topic is very interesting and we will keep in touch for future collaborations.

LIFE HUELLAS Project was presented at the stand that CARTIF Foundation held in the Green Week, among other CARTIF's LIFE+ projects. There were posters and brochures at the stand available to attendees, and our colleagues were explaining main projects goals and outcomes.

The LIFE HUELLAS project partners met last Friday May 9th, 2014 at VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES offices, in Madrid.

The agenda for the meeting was to review the tasks performed during the first 6 months of the project, shedule the tasks for the next 6 months, review communication and dissemination activities carried out to date and discuss about the "Inception Report" submitted to the European Commission.

"Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja" (IETcc) facilities hosted the first meeting of the Carbon Footprint Databases Working Group. In order to organise the group, OECC was appointed as president and IETcc as secretary.

As a result of the previous meeting hold on OECC facilities last January, a technical working group focused on Carbon Footprint Databases was established. Initially, the members of such working group are the partners of LIFE HUELLAS project, TECNIBERIA and ASA. IETcc (Eduardo Torroja Institute on Construction Sciences) attended also the meeting due to its current work in OpenDap, in the frame of SOFIAS project.

A private LinkedIn group was created to make easier communication and coordination between group members.

Several newspapers include references about LIFE HUELLAS project. Such news include a brief description of project objectives and planned task to reach them. Next you can see a selection of some of those references, including a link to the newspaper and a local copy of the webpage, in case the link is broken.

The CARTIF Foundation will attend as a speaker the conference about "standardisation in the projects of the new European research framework program: Horizon 2020", organized by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) on January 30th 2014.

The talk will focus on the experience of counting on certification institutions' contribution in R&D projects consortium, as in the case of the LIFE HUELLAS project. AENOR takes part in LIFE HUELLAS project as member of the Advisory Committee, bringing its experience and expertise to achieve the project success.

The Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC), that depends on the Spanish Minitry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, as a member of LIFE HUELLAS project Advisory Committee, has organized a meeting with TECNIBERIA, which is developing a project on CF calculation in road construction, and with ASA which is developing a project on CF calculation in building. The idea is to exploit the potential synergies between projects.

Date: Friday 17th at 11:30
Spanish Office for Climate Change
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
C/ Alcalá, 92 Madrid

VIA LIBRE, a Spanish Railway Magazine, include the LIFE HUELLAS proyect in its 578 issue of October 2013.

The Castilla y León Natural Heritage Foundation has published a special issue dedicated to eco-innovation and LIFE projects granted to institutions based at Castilla y León Spanish region. Specifically, a paper of the "Sustainable Development in Castilla y León" bulletin, issue No. 6 (October 2013) is dedicated to the LIFE HUELLAS project.

The technology center CARTIF coordinates this European project that seeks to minimize the environmental impact of railway infrastructure constructions.

LIFE HUELLAS project is proposed to demonstrate that we can reduce the carbon footprint of rail infrastructure projects by 10% and its water footprint by 5%, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The consortium, leaded by Fundacion CARTIF, is formed by the companies VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES and IK-Ingeniería, jointly with the University of Granada.

The project will be developed during 2013 to 2017. It is endowed with a budget of € 1,408,055 of which € 692,276 are funded by the EU. Its scope is European, although pilot testing will take place in Spain.

LIFE + is the financial instrument of the European Union for the environment, has a total budget of 2,143 M € for the period 2007-2013.

The LIFE + projects cover actions in the fields of nature conservation, climate change, environmental policy, and information and communication on environmental issues in all EU Member States.

The CARTIF Foundation attended the Symposium to keep updated about research carried out by others Spanish groups related to LCA. The meeting was also useful to establish new contacts, and get back in touch, with several organizations, as well as networking with others LIFE projects.

The CARTIF Foundation attended the meeting organized by the European Commission Representation in Spain on October 8th 2013.

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